Selected Projects

Project | EUfolio - EU Classroom ePortfolios (2013-2015)

09.06.2013 13:12
Implementation of ePortfolio initiatives with a focus on 21st century skills & reflective learning policies (targets: secondary education & VET). In line with the European strategic objectives in Education and Training (2012)  |  Coordinator: Department of Skills and...

Project | Europortfolio - European Network of ePortfolio Experts & Practitioners (2013-2015)

09.06.2013 12:53
Pan-European EuroPortfolio Network of ePortfolio Experts and Practitioners. Targets: National and pan-European action programmes, strategies and policy papers to enhance ePortfolio practice in learning & teaching across educational sectors (LLP KA3)  |  Coordinator: University...

Project | EuroPLOT - Persuasive Learning Objects and Technologies for LLL (2010-2013)

07.06.2013 08:56
  EuroPLOT develops a pedagogical framework for active engagement, based on persuasive design, and demonstrates its value by creating authoring tools for, and examplares of, persuasive learning objects and technologies (PLOTs) that are easy to create and adapt. (LLP KA3)  |...

Project | Women in Technical Education - WITE (2011-2013)

07.06.2013 08:54
  WITE is an LLP transfer project which aims at the transfer of achievements made by the Sitcom project (Minerva, 2004-2006)  |  Coordinator: CUOA, Italy  

Project | Remote IPT - Remote Basic Instrument Procedures Trainer (2010-2012)

07.06.2013 08:53
  Design & Evaluation of a Flight Simulator for VET in Aviation, including scientific support in the evaluation of the project as well as the development of learning scenarios that will demonstrate the project achievements.  |  Coordinator: InfoWERK,...
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