NEWS | Designing The Persuasive Learning Experience (new publication)

02.09.2013 12:02

Those of you who are interested in Instructional Design, find here my forthcoming publication about "Designing The Persuasive Learning Experience" with excerpts and findings from one of my running LLP projects EuroPLOT  


While the persuasive strength of a digital learning object will vary from learner to 
learner or from learning setting to learning setting, there are persuasive design
strategies that are likely to apply to a larger number of educational settings. This
paper discusses some of these design strategies and attempts (from the viewpoint
of persuasive learning) as well as design considerations that shall help designers
of digital learning objects to develop high-quality persuasive learning designs for
their audiences.
The objective of this paper is to present key findings of research that has been
made in EuroPLOT, a 3-years LLP project, as well as to propose overall design
recommendations for persuasive learning objects. We are aiming at the
involvement of persuasive strength as a new principle when designing digital
learning objects.
Keywords: Learning Design, Persuasive Design, Persuasive Learning, Evaluation